Brazillian Football Legend Ronaldinho Adds Another Trophy To His Host Of Trophies Cabinet.

Brazilian football legend, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, who is currently being held at Agrupacion Especializada prison in Paraguay for travelling with a forged passport, has just added another trophy to his numerous trophies and individual honours as a footballer.

The 39-year-old retired professional footballer, was invited to play a Futsal game in the Paraguayan prison where he is being held. The Brazilian initially refused to partake in the game, but was eventually persuaded to play in a separate match when speaking to one of the guards.

The attacking midfielder, turned up in style to show his football skills with inmates and prison guards during the futsal match.

He scored five goals and assisted six goals in the game. His team won the game 11-2, winning a 15kg piglet.

The 2 times FIFA men's best player has won a host of trophies during his playing days, which includes; the World cup in 2002, Copa America, Confederation cup,  Champions League,  La Liga, Spanish Super cup, Copa Libertadores, Italian cup and now the Paraguayan Jail's Cup.


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