Liverpool Playmaker, Sadio Mane Funded Hospital In His Hometown Senegal, Is Set To Be Officially Opened In 6-Months Time.

Liverpool playmaker Sadio Mane is currently funding the construction of a hospital in his village Bambali in Senegal which is due to open in around six months’ time.

CloudNine Sports had reported two-weeks ago that Sadio Mane took a commendable step, as he made a spontaneous donation of 30 millions FCFA , around €45,000 (£41,000) to his country health committee to help the fight against coronavirus.

The African footballer of the year whoose father had passed away 20 years ago because he could not receive local treatment, His sister was also born at home because there is nowhere else, has been the source of inspiration for him to invest in the huge project in Sédhiou province.

Speaking in his new documentary with the Guardian, Mane said;
“I was seven years old, We were about to play on the field when a cousin approached me and said: ‘Sadio, your father passed away.’ I replied: ‘Oh really? He’s joking …’ I couldn’t really understand it.”

“Before he passed away, he had this kind of sickness for weeks,”
“We brought him some traditional medicine and it kept him calm for three or four months."
"The sickness came back but this time the medicine didn’t work and because there was no hospital in Bambali they had to take him to the next village to see if they could save his life. But it was not the case."

“I remember my sister was also born at home because there is no hospital in our village. It was a really, really sad situation for everyone. I wanted to build one to give people hope.”

“When I was young my dad was always saying how proud he was of me,” he adds. “He was a man with a big heart. When he died, it had a big impact on me and the rest of my family. I said to myself: ‘Now I have to do my best to help my mother.’ That’s a hard thing to deal with when you are so young.”

“It was tough because I didn’t have anyone behind me to push me to achieve my dream,” he says. “But I never stopped dreaming. It was really brave to leave my family in the village and go to Dakar but I knew that I could be successful. After that, my family started to take it more seriously and knew that I didn’t want to do anything else. They knew they had no choice so they helped me"... Said the 27-year-old

According to world Bank, Mane funding a health facility would give his people hope, as 70% of them currently live under the poverty line.

This is definitely not the first time that the philanthropist and humanitarian Mane has sent money back to his home country, as he is set to add to his previous already fnanced projects including building of a school in his remote village of Bambali last year.

He has also built sports staduim, a mosque in his village,with a reported free of around €270,000, and he gives each family €70/month and makes provision for free clothes to kids in his hometown Bambali.

Mane and his Liverpool teammates have been in isolation, and are undergoing daily private training using individual schedule, as they wait for the resumption of the Premier League which was futher suspended indefinitely last week due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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