Neymar's Mom Kicks Out Her Young Boyfriend Because Of His Affairs With Men.

Neymar Jr.'s mother Nadine Goncalves has reportedly ended her relationship with her boyfriend, the Brazilian gamer "Tiago Ramos" who is six years younger than her son Neymar.

The break-up between both parties transpired after Ramos relationship affiars of how he had dated men in the past, before entering into the supposed new relationship was revealed to Neymar's mother.

Goncalves '52' had earlier this month made public her relationship with Ramos, having posted a picture via the photo-sharing platform (Instagram), with the two embracing each other.

The picture attracted so many likes and comments afterwards, which includes that of her son Neymar and her separated husband Santos Sr. Neymar's father, as they both affirmed and supported the new relationship.
"Be happy mom, i love you"... The 28-year-old PSG star wrote.

Everything surrounding the relationship have all changed real quick, which led to Goncalves kicking out Ramos out her a masion.

Ramos currently works as a model and member of a video game team called 4K Easy.

According to reports in Brazil, the 23-year-old Tiago Ramos was allergedly romantically involved with a Brazilian actor and stand-up comedian Carlinhos Maia.

He had also dated Neymar’s personal chef Mauro before dating his mother as well.

The young lad has now returned to his home and be with his family.

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