With the latest FIFA contract and transfer guidelines, Hakim Ziyech Now Unlikely To Join Chelsea On July 1st.

The world football governing body, FIFA have confirmed they will allow player contracts to be extended until the season ends, and will also move the transfer window so they fall between the end of the old season and the start of the new season.

Following the suspension of all football seasons all over the world due to the Coronavirus outbreak, FIFA has worked on a series of recommendations and guidelines to address some of the key practical issues arising from the pandemic, especially with regard to player contracts and the transfer system generally.

There is a high likelihood that several leagues will not be able to get all of their games played before the end of June, when player contracts usually expire.

A statement from the FIFA website reads;
“Expiring player contracts usually end when the season ends, with a termination date that coincides with the end of the season. With the current suspension of play in most countries, it is now obvious that the current season will not end when people thought it would…

“Therefore, it is proposed that contracts be extended until such time that the season does actually end, a similar principle applies to contracts due to begin when the new season starts, meaning the entry into force of such contracts is delayed until the next season actually does start."

This means that Moroccan international, Hakim Ziyech who is expected to join Chelsea on July 1st, 2020, will now have to remain with Ajax until the final completion of the present season, as it is now obvious that the current season won't end when it was initially expected to end.

As regarding the transfer window Where a player has moved to a club whose new season may have started before their old club's has finished, priority should be given to the former club.

"With regard to transfer windows, again, it is necessary to adjust the normal regulatory position to the new factual circumstances. Accordingly, FIFA will be flexible and will allow the relevant transfer windows to be moved, so they fall between the end of the old season and the start of the new season"....as stated in the statement.

As the death toll continues to rise around the world, Infantino has been keen to stress that, "Health comes first, well before football".

This is the first formal COVID-19 complication to the world of transfers, so in situations where clubs cannot afford to pay players, FIFA encourage both parties to work together to find 'collective agreements on a club or league basis'.

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