Cristiano Ronaldo's Discarded Armband Help Save Life Of A Serbian Baby.

The Portugal's captain armband which Cristiano Ronaldo angrily flung to the ground, has been eventually sold at a charity auction to fund a live-saving surgery of Serbian baby.

Ronaldo had threw the captain armband in disgust, after Portugal were controversially denied a late winner in the World Cup qualifying game against Serbia last month with the scores level at 2-2 in Belgrade.

The armband was picked by one of the stewards at the Red Star's Rajko Mitic stadium and immediately contacted a regional sports betting company early Tuesday afternoon with the idea of auctioning it for charity.

It has eventually been sold for €64,000 ($75,000), and the money raised will be donated to help treat a 6-month-old baby with spinal muscular atrophy, a neuromuscular disease. 

According to reports, the spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) affects about one in 10,000 births, and results in death or the need for permanent ventilation by the age of two in 90 percent of cases.

The baby's hope is dependent on a one-time gene treatment Zolgensma, also known as the “world’s most expensive drug”, which would cost more than two million euros ($2.35 million).

The steward Djordje Vukicevic who is a local fireman, told AFP that he suggested raising funds required to treat a six-month-old baby, Gavrilo Djurdjevic, who is suffering from a rare disease.

“He (Ronaldo) threw the armband three metres away from me, and the idea immediately occured to me that this (sale) could be a good opportunity,” the man told AFP by phone.

“I realised we had some attention and could do something nice for Gavrilo”, 

"I hope we will be able to reach Ronaldo himself… so we could help Gavrilo as much as we can."

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