Christain Eriksen Suffered A Cardiac Arrest And Was Almost 'Gone' Reaveals Denmark Team Doctor.

Denmark's team doctor has confirmed that Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest during the game vs. Finland and stopped breathing.

The 29-year-old midfielder Eriksen was given emergency CPR on the pitch, as he started breathing again after the use of a defibrillator.

The horrible incidence saw the Euro 2020 Group B opener on Saturday, June 12 between Denmark and Finland at Parken stadium in Copenhagen, temporarily suspended just before the half-time.

Eriksen was further rushed to Rigshospitalet, one of Denmark's top hospitals in Copenhagen to receive extensive medical care.

Denmark team doctor Morten Boesen speaking in a news conference revealed that Christian Eriksen was "gone" after a cardiac arrest but medical test results have been normal so far.

"The tests that have been done so far look fine," he said.

We don’t have an explanation [for what happened], I didn’t see what happened live, I watched on TV like all of you,” 

When asked how close were we to losing him, the doctor replied: “He was gone, we did CPR and there was a cardiac arrest. How close were we? I don’t know, we had him back, it was quite fast.

“I am not a cardiologist, so I can’t say why it happened, I’ll leave this to the experts.

“That’s one of the reasons he’s still in the hospital. It is to find out what happened.

“He is awake and answers relevantly and clearly. The heart beats again.”

The team doctor and head coach Kasper Hjulmand also believed the remainder of the game should not have resumed.

"I don't think the right decision was to play the game," Boesen said.

"We had help from a psychological point of view at the hotel last night. Everyone expressed their feelings and how they saw the situation, and everyone was pleased we did this and talked it through.

"We really appreciated the professional help we have had from the outside."

Eriksen who was stretchered by paramedics out of the pitch, remains stable, and sends greetings to team-mates from the hospital where he would undergo further examinations.

According to Sky Sports, the Danish national team head coach Kasper Hjulmand said Eriksen had told him he did not remember much from Saturday's collapse and that he was eager to get back on to the pitch.

"Christian is in good spirits and it's a huge relief for the players after all this uncertainty," Hjulmand said. 

"There is no doubt that we have been on the ropes."

The initial suspended match later resumed with Finland getting all three points courtesy of striker Joel Pohjanpalo header.

Finland defeated Denmark in a game alrwada overshadowed by the Eriksen's incidence.

Though Hjulmand was unhappy that the match resumed after the incident, and said that his squad would try to use what happened as motivation for their next game against Belgium on Thursday.

"No, we should not have played," he said. "We will try tomorrow to establish normality as much as possible. 

"Players have different reactions to shocks and trauma but we will try to get back to normal as much as possible.

"We’ve had psychological help from the outside, everybody could express their feelings and how to solve the situation, we had a short brief and everybody was pleased."

"I get the feeling from the players that maybe the time is too short to try to play football again, but maybe we can use it as a force to get together and try to go out and do our best in the next match."

“I felt no pressure from UEFA, but I agree it was not the right decision,” he said.

“It’s a good topic, we need to think about this if it happens in the future. We love football, but football is not the world. The most important things are the people we have around us. I think it was not the right decision to have played the game.”

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