A Football Fan Raises Money For A Young German Girl Crying After Her Teams Defeat At The Euros.

A football fan has been raising money for a young German fan seen crying after Germany's 2-0 defeat to England in last Tuesday's Euro 2020 round of 16 clash at the Wembley stadium.

The little girl was shown crying in the big screen at the stadium during the television coverage, and the image quickly went viral, but some social media users shared the picture along with abusive messages.

According to reports, the thousands of donations has reached more than £35,000 been raised for the German girl.

The football fan Joel Hughes from South Wales initially set up a JustGiving page with the aim of raising £500 to “show this little German supporter that not everyone in the UK is horrible” but it has since exceeded past that target.

“I saw the vile unchecked abuse being directed at the images of the young girl,” Hughes told Sky News

“And I think it struck a chord, not just in terms of the vileness of the online abuse, but also the xenophobia, which taps into deeper issues of where UK is now and how we are perceived on the world stage.

"I can’t stand seeing that kind of bullying online, and  I want do try and do something here, however small it might be.

"I'd like to think that the parents of the little girl will spend this on a nice treat for her so that she knows that not everyone from the UK is horrible and that we care," Hughes posted on his crowdfunding page at justgiving.com.

"I hope this crowdfunding project will help raise awareness on cyberbullying. He added

 "If we can end up putting a smile on that girl's face or making her parents understand that there is actually some good in the UK, then at least, we have done one one thing.

The girls identity which is unknown by Mr Hughes, hopes that social media can sort that out by locating the girl's family.

But if the girl's family are not found, or do not want to be involved, he said he would donate the proceeds to a "cause that is closely aligned to the spirit of the campaign".

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