Celebration Galore In The Streets Of Dakar Following Senegal AFCON 2021 Glory In Cameroon.

Thousands of ecstatic Fans crowds the roads around the Dakar airport waiting for the Senegal team to return in triumph having emerge victorious at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations on Sunday in Cameroon.

Sounds of fireworks, horns and cheers rang through the night in the West African country's capital Dakar and into Monday morning, wearing soccer jerseys, blowing vuvuzela's, waving Senegal flags as fans gathered outside the military airport to await their team's return.

Some fans swung from a billboard frame. Others danced on the tarmac. As the Teranga Lions finally touched down in the capital Dakar on Monday after winning their first ever international trophy.

The team received a hero's welcome with Senegalese dance music echoed from loudspeakers over the crowd of adoring fans as the team stepped out of the plane.

Fans reportedly arrived by bicycles, motorbikes, cars and on foot, bringing the otherwise busy highways to a joyous standstill. Among them were government officials and opposition politicians, celebrating the country's victory together as one.

 The Senegal President, Macky Sall had declared one-day (Monday) a national holiday to allow the country properly celebrate the Teranga Lions’ first ever AFCON trophy after two prior final disappointments in 2002 and 2019.

The truth is no African country loves football like Senegal and they’ve done so well to deserve this victory.

CloudNine Sports reported that Senegal defeated Egypt in a penalty shootout to win the 2021 AFCON final on Sunday.

Led by Liverpool’s Sadio Mane who scored the winning penalty, Senegal overcame Mohamed Salah-led Egypt 4-2 following a goalless draw after 120 minute of football.

"It's the best day of my life," Mane said after winning.

"I'm living a dream. I can't believe it. The wait was long but finally we did it. We are all happy and proud to win this trophy."

President Macky Sall was waiting at the airport to greet the returning players, who then paraded through thronged streets sitting on top of a bus, on their way to the presidential palace.

Sall, who had planned to visit Comoros at the end of a trip that included Egypt and Ethiopia, canceled the final step to greet the victorious Lions when they returned to Dakar today.

The 60-year-old president also invited his staunch political opponents to the welcome ceremony.

"There are times when you leave aside problems to talk about the common cause of the country," he said in a speech after the team touched down.

Sall also hailed the Senegalese squad as "ferocious".

"Now you are at the summit of Africa," he said.

The Senegal players will be decorated by President Sall on Tuesday at the presidential palace in Dakar.


Senegal are currently Africa's top-ranked national team in the FIFA's ranking, and 20th in the world.

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