"We've Come To Win The Premier League" — Jack Grealish

Real Madrid's defeat 'gives us more of an edge' for the Premier League final.

Manchester City's unfortunate midweek departure from the Champions League semi-final could help his side win the Premier League at the conclusion of the season, according to Jack Grealish.

Following a sad loss in the Champions League against Real Madrid this week, Manchester City will turn their attention to the Premier League when they host Newcastle at the Etihad Stadium in the first of their final four league games of the season.

With Liverpool lost points against Tottenham on Saturday, Pep Guardiola's side can reclaim top spot with a three-point advantage over Liverpool if they beat Eddie Howe's side on Sunday afternoon.

Though the title race remains in City's hands, Jack Grealish admitted ahead of his side's next match against the Magpies that the Blues may utilize their recent Champions League failure to move on and win their fourth Premier League crown in five seasons.

"Without a doubt. Now we have the Premier League to contend with. According to City's official website, the England international stated, "It is in our hands."

"We've come to do just that." That is why we are the best side in the Premier League, in my opinion, because we want to win.

"We put that pressure on ourselves to win trophies all the time, and the club as a whole has done that, especially in the last ten years."

"I've lost a few finals and significant games in my time (at Aston Villa), and that (last Wednesday against Real Madrid) was right up there."

It was just the fact that we stayed out so late. One thing I've seen here at City is that there are so many significant games that come thick and fast.

We have some significant games coming up (in the Premier League), and we will give it our all in each of them.

"So you don't have much time to think about things." All we have to do now is dust ourselves off and reassemble as a unit, which we have done in recent days, and get ready to go again.

"We have four huge games coming up (in the Premier League), and we will give it our best in each of them."

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