Winning The Premier League Is More Difficult Than Winning The Champions League... Says Pep Guardiola.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola believes that winning the Premier League is more difficult than clinching Europe's most prestigious trophy, the Champions League.

The Sky Blues are top of the Premier League table with a one-point lead over Liverpool, with just one more game to go.

Pep guided City to a Champions League final in 2021, losing to 1-0 Chelsea, while Real Madrid eliminated his side in the semi-final this season.

"The Premier League is more difficult than the Champions League," Guardiola told the press.

"There are many weeks, many games, many injuries, good and bad times, different situations... Success has been there in recent years. Fighting for the Premier League makes sense day-to -day in the changing room."

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Guardiola compared the two competitions, while also stating that he doesn't undermine the Champions League.

"I'm not saying that the Champions League isn't important," Guardiola added.

"We would have loved to be in Paris next week, but winning 38 games is different from winning six or seven, although it's always nice."

Guardiola's men need a win against Aston Villa to ensure they win the league on the final matchday, irrespective of Liverpool's result.

"We play to win, but there are aspects that you can't control. We have to play like we did in the last month. It's just one game, we're not going to do anything new," Guardiola stated in reference to City's game against Aston Villa.

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