UPDATE: Mason Greenwood Bail Application To Be Addressed Next Week

 Mason Greenwood's police bail extension application will be addressed in court next week Thursday June 23rd, with the police investigation into his rape allegations ongoing following his arrest in January.

Greenwood is still being investigated by the police after being arrested earlier this year on allegations of sexual assault, and threats to kill.

According to the Daily Mail, he has filed an application to extend his bail, which will be heard on Wednesday at Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court (June 23). It won't be held in public, and the 20-year-old isn't anticipated to show there. After spending three nights in the cells following his detention, he was freed on conditional bond.

His bail was supposed to be set for April 30, but due to the application, it was moved back to mid-June. He has yet to be charged by the police, and rumors have been circulating on social media this week that he may not face any additional consequences.

It is stated, however, that no decision has been taken. Greenwood has been suspended by United and has lost his Nike sponsorship.

In April, his team was obliged to dismiss similar rumors. "There has been no change whatsoever in Mason's status," United said at the time. Soon after he was cut from the squad in January, we removed his profile from the club app. This was done to keep Mason out of the app's interactive features, such as team predictions.

"However, his profile was never taken down from the website because he is still a Manchester United player, albeit not currently in the squad, while the legal process plays out."

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