'Disappointing Behaviour' - Pochettino Slams 'Unacceptable' Penalty Drama From Chelsea Players During The 6-0 Win Over Everton.

Cole Palmer and Mauricio Pochettino have both reiterated that the Chelsea midfielder is the team's penalty taker after a "daft" spat with Nicolas Jackson and Noni Madueke in Monday's night emphatic 6-0 victory against Everton at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea's stunning performance against Everton which saw Palmer scores FOUR goals, including 16-minute hat-trick and 'goal of the season contender', was soured by a fiery scuffle involving three players, Nicholas Jackson, Cole Palmer, and Noni Madueke.

It happened that the trio got into a fight over who would kick the team's penalty kick against Everton, causing chaos at Stamford Bridge.

Jackson grabbed the ball to seize it for himself after Madueke had taken it up to take the spot-kick.

The Blues were already 4-0 up at the time when they were awarded a penalty, given after Abdoulaye Doucoure's clip on Palmer inside the box.

Palmer who is the regular penalty taker had already scored a first-half hat-trick before the second-half penalty was given, dragged the ball away from his teammates as both Madueke and Jackson claimed the spot kick for themselves. During the altercation, there was pushing between the players.

Palmer eventually took the spot kick and scored it after pushing Jackson away as he put the ball on the spot. This infuriated Madueke and Jackson even more, and captain Conor Gallagher had to intervene to stop them fighting.

Jackson's initial refusal to celebrate the goal meant that the drama was far from over.

Eventually, he went to congratulate Palmer on his effort after hearing statements from Madueke and Malo Gusto to go pat Palmer on the back for his effort, although the striker was still upset that he was not given the opportunity to take the penalty.

It was an embarrassing incident in what was one of Chelsea's best performances of the season.

Palmer stated there is no ill will between the players, even if he acknowledged the argument may have gone too far.

"We had to make some decisions, and as the one taking the penalty, I wanted to take it.... Said the 21-year-old England international.

"It's understandable because we were 4-0 ahead, so it seems sense that other guys wanted to take it," he said to Sky Sports. "But since I'm the one who usually takes penalties, I ultimately decided to take it.

"We want to demonstrate that everyone wants to take responsibility. The argument and other things may have been a little overblown, but everyone wants to pitch in. Nothing serious; we were joking and laughing about it. The gaffer has told us that now it's time to learn and use this type of experience to move on and be better players."

Chelsea boss, Mauricio Pochettino, apologised to the Chelsea supporters for his players' actions and emphasised the necessity for his team to think as a collective during his post-match interviews. The former PSG and Tottenham manager, added that such an incident would not occur again.

"It's unfortunate. We cannot act in this manner; I told them that this would be the last instance of this attitude," said Pochettino.

"After this performance, this kind of behaviour is not conceivable. We must adapt and think as a team if we want to be a fantastic squad.

"It's a process for a young team that has a lot to learn. After the game, I discussed this with the players. I don't want to see something like this again. To the supporters, I sincerely apologies.

"The next time it occurs, we must be clear. They must become knowledgeable and competent. The team must be our main concern. They were aware that it was Cole. Cole is the one who takes penalties. It's an obvious illustration of the process we still need to learn."

When asked if Madueke and Jackson would face consequences and if they had to apologise. Pochettino responded, "No [there would be no punishment]," It's all about learning. These boys are in their youth."

"Do you recall Burnley? Nobody want to take, and Palmer showed the personality... There will be increased strength in the discipline. If they act like children? It's not possible here. It's an unfortunate and improper situation.

"I believe we all agreed that they were mistaken and that this behaviour cannot occur again. To prove they were mistaken and that they must learn, we are acting like we are in a school. We will make some decisions if they don't learn from mistakes. It's time to learn from this kind of experience and apply it to improve, move on to other things"

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