Lionel Messi has won the Best Goal Ever'' award for Fc Barcelona

The Argentine and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi has been awarded with the 'Best Goal Ever' award in history for Fc Barcelona. Bacelona fans voted his incredible solo effort goal against Getafe in the 2006/2007 #CopaDelRey season.

In a statement from the club website, Lionel Messi says, ''I am grateful to everybody who chose his goal as the best, Thanks for this gift and i will continue to put a little bit more of me in the history of this great football club''. He also said that " I start early and stay late day after day, year after year''.

''It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight successful footballer''

Lionel Messi goals made up the top three best goals ever in the clubs history.
1, The Goal versus Getafe 2006/07
2, The goal versus Athletic Club 2014/15
3, The goal versus Real Madrid 2010/11

Roy Hudson, a former Newcastle United Midfielder  and currently a sport commentator says: ''In America, We give hurricanes a name. but if they ever call one Lionel Messi, you would better evacuate. 
'' They tell me that all men are equal in the eyes of god but this man Messi seriously makes you to think about those words again.''

Gerard Pique on Messi,''He is always joking. When the media said that Messi would leave Barcelona, When Leo came into the changing room, i told him,'' The media said you would leave Barcelona. ''Messi just smiled and left.''
''Messi has a very iconic humour, he is one of the biggest trollers i know.''

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