Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr. Are Set For A Great Rematch

The  30-years-old professional British-Nigerian boxer, Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua, poplarly known as Anthony Joshua, has lost just only one (1) out of his 23 record fights In history which tookplace earlier in June this year....

Anthony Joshua Vs. Andy Ruiz Jr.

Anthony Joshua nicknamed AJ, was the former unified world heavyweight champion who held the IBF, WBA, WBO, and IBF titles for good 3-years (2016-2019), will be looking to regain his IBF, WBA and WBO titles after losing them in a shock defeat to the Mexican-Anerican professional boxer Andy Ruiz Jr early June this year at the Madison Square Garden Newyork.

Andy Ruiz Jr. nicknamed DESTROYER, defeated Anthony Joshua in the seventh-round TKO to hand the British/Nigerian boxer his first ever professional loss. And in doing so, Andy Ruiz became the first boxer of the Mexican heritage to be crowned a world heavyweight champion.

Andy Ruiz Vs Anthony Joshua... The Rematch!

Joshua had sworn to gain revenge over Ruiz, insisting that, "the 30-years-old Mexican, only won their first fight in June because of an unexpected punch sent by the God's" Anthony Joshua: 
"I'mma whoop him, show how great I am. They think he's that great, so when I beat him I want everyone to bow to my feet, tell me how great I am… I'm apparently fighting the best in the division, once I beat him I want everyone to bow to me." 

Ruiz Jr. on the other hand laughed off Joshua's evaluation of their first buot in the ring, as he enroutes the Middle East earlier this week to begin his final preparations. 

The DESTROYER, plots to get a back-to-back win and dumbstruck the world for a second time on Saturday December 7 at the 16,000 seater arena on the outskirts of Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh.
Sports authorities in Saudi Arabia are said to have tabled almost $100million (£83million) for the match to be held there.

Anthony Joshua (AJ) who arrived the host Country earlier on Sunday for the rematch with his opponent Ruiz Jr. has visited the purpose-built arena as he vows to win his belts back.

Joshua on his preparations said that "We haven't done anything mentally different,  I am a born champion. I started the gym, and three years later I was the Olympic champion".

"I have had only one loss in my career, but I am not about to becompe a p*ssy overnight and not be able to fight . I don't need to continue pondering over that because, I just need to win and continue winning."

Drop your comments and let us know your thoughts on this.... Do you see Andy Ruiz ready to let his belts go?🤔

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