Sergio Aguero Reveals Pep Guardiola Tactics Ahead Of Crucial Real Madrid Match

Sergio Aguero reveals Pep Guardiola's approach to Manchester City's second leg against Real Madrid on Wednesday.

After dominating the first leg, the visitors have a one-goal lead going into the second game. Despite the narrow victory, Aguero is certain that Guardiola will keep to his ideals.

In last year's Champions League final loss to Chelsea, the Catalan manager was chastised for not deploying a defensive midfielder, something he had not done all season. Despite the Bernabeu's pressures, Aguero believes his old manager will have learned from his mistakes and will trust in his ideology.

"I don't think Manchester City will play in a different way than typical for the encounter in Madrid," he told This team is so good because it has so many talented players, many of whom have played for Guardiola for a long time and understand exactly what they must accomplish.

"Everyone understands that there is only one way to play." The configuration or players on the pitch may alter, but they all have the same goal in mind: to win and make it difficult for Real Madrid."

City will have a "difficult game" against Madrid, who recently won La Liga, according to Aguero, but will be inspired by the first leg. "Pep Guardiola should be pleased with his team's performance against Real Madrid in the first match because they played some fantastic football and scored some excellent goals," he continued.

"If your side is playing well and scoring goals, make sure you're in command of the game and you'll be in a fantastic position to win." Real Madrid has three goals, which is not ideal for Manchester City, but they are ahead."

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