Angel Di Maria Reaches Agreement With Juventus Over Transfer

The Argentine forward will join the Serie A powerhouses in Turin now that he is a free agent after leaving Paris Saint-Germain.

 Sources close to the player have learned that Angel Di Maria has agreed to sign a one-year contract with Juventus. The Argentine is moving to Italy after briefly hearing rumors of renewed interest from Barcelona.

After his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expired this summer, the 34-year-old entered the free agent market.

Since confirmed contact in April, there has been speculation about a move to Turin. Consistent rounds of negotiations have now resulted in the long-awaited agreement.

The seasoned South American will sign a one-year deal with Serie A powerhouses.

The documentation is prepared to be processed, albeit there are still a few small financial issues to be resolved.

Di Maria intends to play one more season of football in Europe before returning to his own country.

He wants to be competing at the greatest level possible before the World Cup finals in 2022–2023, which are something to keep in mind.

At the Allianz Stadium, Juve will give him those chances and add his skill set to Massimiliano Allegri's offensive toolbox.

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