Drama Continues In Nigerian Football As Victor Osimhen LAMBASTES Finidi George For Singling Out For Criticism. {WATCH VIDEO}

Drama within Nigerian football continues, as Victor Osimhen blasts Finidi George after the coach singled him out for criticism.

Finidi had earlier bemoaned the complete breakdown of discipline in the Super Eagles team and was totally disappointed with how the players strolled into training camp for the crucial 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

A source told SCORENigeria, that Finidi said many of these players have the backing of some powerful NFF Board members and that it became increasingly difficult to sanction them because he would often be warned that a player “belonged” to a certain “big man”.

The former international also singled out Napoli's striker Osimhen, using the poster boy to drive home his point that the country’s top stars are not fully committed to the Super Eagles.

“it appears that Osimhen chooses the games he plays for Nigeria and I cannot beg him to play for his country because he could still have managed to play these matches.” said the 53-year-old former Enyimba's coach.

Osimhen on the other hand just did a live a few minutes ago on the photo-sharing platform Instagram, responding to allegations made by Finidi that he can’t beg him to come play for Super Eagles during World Cup qualifiers against South Africa and Benin Republic.

The reigning Africa Footballer of the Year, stressed that he had evidence to prove that he had explained to George that he was injured and even requested to be in the camp with the national team to motivate his teammates.

He said the coach refused to grant him the request and urged the football star to stay with his family.

Osimhen also stated that he has now said he is now being attacked for the failure of the Super Eagles to win both important matches.

The 25-year-old twisted his ankle toward the end of last season, and was sidelined for four weeks.

“Eni kure, ogun k!!! anybody wey doubt my commitment.... Said an angry Osimhen.

“I asked Finidi George to allow me stay with the players in the camp, but Finidi asked me not to bother that I should stay with my family.

“Now after two bad games, everybody is now blaming me.

“I know how many injuries I’ve played with for Nigeria and I played my heart out but after two bad games, everybody is attacking me.”

He added: “I have lost every respect I have for him.”


Meanwhile, Finidi George as reported earlier has resigned from his role in the Super Eagles team. 

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