UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin And Manchester United Legend Says The Current Season Could Be Void If There Is No Immediate Solution By The End of June.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin and former Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand, have both spoken regarding the suspensions of the current football season across major countries in Europe due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

With most leagues scheduled to be restarted in April, and some yet to be decided when it will resume, the Uefa president, has admitted that if the Leagues, cannot resume by the end of June, the current 2019/20 campaign would be declared null and void, and football clubs may have to settle with 'starting afresh at the beginning of next season.

Speaking to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the Slovenian international said;
"If we don't succeed in restarting, the season will probably be lost,"
"We have  a plan A, B and C, the three options are to start again in mid-May, in June or at the end of June at the earliest.

"There is also the possibility of starting again at the beginning of the next [season], starting the following one later. We will see the best solution for the different leagues and clubs."

Meanwhile former England and Manchester United centre-back Rio Ferdinand, have also stated that if there is no immediate solution consigning the current Premier League season by the end of June, it should be scrapped immediately.

The six time Premier League winner believes that the health and safety of people should come first before football.

Speaking to BT Sport, he said: “In such times, when you stay home, and are isolated and alone with your family, you realize the importance of sports, communication and communication with various sectors of society.”

“But we have to take into account that football is just a game, and as much as we take it seriously, the bigger is what happens in society, and in my personal opinion that if there is no immediate solution in the next few weeks, the season needs to be canceled , And start the new season... He continued;

"A lot of people like Liverpool fans will always say, 'That’s because you don’t want Liverpool to win the league'. Listen, if my team was in this situation as well, I would think about people’s health and the wider society rather than my own gains, and regardless of who is going up and down, and who could have won the league"... Concluded the 41-year-old.

According to the Atletic, a growing number of Premier League clubs want to end the current season with immediate effect and replay it in full once it is deemed safe to do so — even if that means Liverpool being denied a first title in 30 years.

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