Dani Alves Reveals He Will Be Leaving Barcelona This Summer For A Second Time.

 Dani Alves has stated that he will leave Barcelona when his contract expires at the end of the month for the second time.

Alves' second term at Barça began in the middle of last season, with former teammate Xavi swooping in to bring the defender back following a tumultuous departure from Sao Paulo.

The Brazilian went on to make 14 La Liga games for the Blaugrana, establishing himself as the club's first-choice right-back by the conclusion of the season.

Despite this, Alves was not granted new terms, and the 39-year-old confirmed his exit on Wednesday night via Instagram.

He wrote to fans, "Now it's time for our farewell."

"They had been loyal to that club, those colors, and that house for over 8 years... But, as with everything in life, time passes, routes diverge, and stories are written in different places for different periods of time - and so it was.

"They attempted to fire me, but they couldn't because you can't understand how tenacious and tenacious I am, can you?

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"Many more years passed until football and life, which, as always, are thankful to those who appreciate them, agreed to allow me to return here to say my goodbyes.

"But not before thanking all those who work behind the scenes, all those who make our lives great, all of them; THANK YOU.

"I'd also like to express my gratitude to the entire staff for providing me with the opportunity to return to this Club and once again wear that fantastic shirt; you have no idea how happy I am...

"I hope they don't miss out on my craziness and daily joy. I wish it from the bottom of my heart for those who, if they stay, will change the history of that magnificent club.

"There were 23 titles won, including two triplets, one sextet, and a fantastic golden book!

It brings an end to a lovely cycle and ushers in a new one that is even more difficult. May the world never forget: A LION IS STILL A GOOD CRAZY LION AT 39 YEARS OLD. VISCA AL BARA FOREVER!"

Alves wants to play for Brazil at the 2022 World Cup this winter, and numerous European clubs are reportedly interested in signing him.

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